Why Have Vaporizer Pens Taken Away Electronic Cigarettes’ Limelight?

Electronic cigarettes were Hon Lik’s invention that changed the meaning of smoking in the best possible way. The device worked on a battery, an atomizer and few circuits and used the procedure of vaporization. Nicotine infused liquid was present in the gadget that took the shape of a vapor as soon as a puff was taken. This vapor is good enough to soothe down your nicotine urges. The device has been around for more than a decade but got all its popularity just few years ago.

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One of the reasons for its late acceptance was the claim by different organizations like Food and Drug Authority of United States that argued in the court about safety issues related to the device. But detailed researches along with sampling by famous authorities like Boston University and New Zealand Health Organization, it has been proved that electronic cigarettes are safe. The procedure of vaporization makes the device free of carbon monoxide, ammonia and all other chemicals that harm human organs.

Despite of all these benefits, vaporizer pens have snatched stylish electronic cigarettes’ limelight. The latter device operates in the same way but has some additional features that have added to its popularity. While vaporizer pens use the same method of vaporization, they are not safe but also healthy. With e-cigarettes one can only smoke nicotine vaporizer pens you to enjoy a long list of dry herbs, aromatic oils and waxes giving the smoke lots of variety and added flavor.

People who have been using herbs for centuries to overcome common ailments like depression, nausea, headache, cold, flu, fever, etc can now do the same but an even better way. As this device only heats the herb or oil, without taking the temperature too high that eventually burns the content. In this way, you can find remedies for common diseases using vaporizer pens with herbs from your own kitchen or garden. So the variety feature of vape pens has given them an extra edge over electronic cigarettes that have a limited or particular use.

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So whether you decide on e-cigs or the top personal vaporizer pens 2015 on the market, you can’t go wrong!